August 19, 2013

Intuition & Equalibrium - Imagining

A couple of weeks ago I was on a road trip with another one of the Straight Goods writers and he asked me to put on a song. Embarrassment ensued when I was forced to admit that I actually did not own a copy of it. The reason it was embarrassing? I've had an obsession with this song since it came out.  I guess I've just been so content to watch the incredible video for this track that I didn't get around to picking up an mp3. My mistake has been corrected and I've headed over to Intuition's website to buy a copy of the song. Once you've gotten through this post you're going to want to do the same.

Imagining covers some pretty heavy subject matter. It's about the MC coping with his father's early onset Alzheimer's. Intuition's blunt portrayal of his father's gradual slip into dementia will cut right through you. I'd like to head over to my parents' place right about now and give my pops a hug.
Man I'm just sayin, I'm not angry
Nah wait, I'm angry as fuck
But I'm not angry at you, naw man I'm angry at luck
I'm angry that me and my family and you had to be stuck
Watching the man that you were get blown away like granules of dust
 Production: Equalibrium
Sample: Youth Lagoon - Seventeen

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