August 10, 2013

Shad K - Stylin (feat. Saukrates)

The one and only Shad K is back in action with his new track "Stylin". The track features a gritty Skratch Bastid back beat and fellow Canadian rhymesayer Saukrates. Shad has an abundance of sentimental value for me but regardless of his past, this track brings some excitement for the future of this educated cunning linguist.

He cleverly discusses the irrelevance of educational conversations within rap, the constant battle of networking yourself efficiently and the unfortunate societal reality of knowing someone versus working hard. Shad uses his distinct variant flow to linguistically touch on the issues he finds to define our ability to stay stylin'.  For me this is the classic politically motivated play on society that I love about him. Shad himself can be seen as a paradox in terms of rappers and he uses the fact that he is an educated drug-free Canadian rapper to metaphorically represent the issues that face many recent graduates, whose last name or familial connections are no help to their career. "Cause we don't know how to tie ties and my grandparents weren't tycoons" pretty much sums up the unfortunate reality that Shad struggles with.

Regardless of the message or how in-depth you analyze the lyrics, the beat, complementary flow of shad and artistically engaging music video make for a solid dose of entertainment. Oh and by the way I'm infinitely excited about seeing Shad in Toronto on October 19th.

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