September 5, 2013

D-WHY - One Day

I've been waiting for a minute for this 25-year-old, VA native to drop a new track in the hopes that I could share with you the talent of one of rap's most promising unsigned artists. A mix between the boastfulness of Drake and the indie-cred of Childish Gambino, D-WHY aka David Morris has been carefully putting together an independent movement that has caught the eye of many in the online world. Following what can now only be known as the "OVO format", D-WHY and his boys have immersed themselves in fashion, culture and most importantly, music. 

His lifestyle website, The Cleanest Corner features the hippest of menswear and blog entries (so hip in fact, that it actually hurts) and is the main vehicle for his musical releases. I highly recommend you take a listen to his debut tape, 2012's, Don't Flatter Yourself here. Standout cuts are 2000 Miles, Flattery and Good Will Stunting.

His new track, One Day serves as the perfect introduction to new listeners. Combining hip-hop, trap, EDM and folk music, D-WHY and Co. create something that can only be described by the rapper as "Folk-Trap." The sample is absolutely exquisite. I dare you to throw this on in your car and not tap the steering wheel. I dare you. Tap, tap, tappy...

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