September 17, 2013

Flex Cop - This Is Not Meth (Breaking Bad)

It seems like Australian producer Flex Cop is the latest to be inspired by Vince Gilligan's incredible crime drama, Breaking Bad.  This feel good track is mostly a rework Darondo's ever so smooth Didn't I, but it also contains a sample from a climactic Breaking Bad season 1 scene (Spoiler ahead):

God, I love this show.  Without going into full blown fanboy mode, this latest season has been a roller-coaster of emotion.  With only 2 hours left to air, when it's all said and done there is little doubt Breaking Bad will go down as one of the greatest shows of television's Golden Age. Taking the complexity of modern TV storytelling to new levels,  BB gets increasingly better from episode to episode.  Brian Cranston's is nothing short of electrifying, shifting from family man Walter White to ruthless drug king pin Heisenberg, creating a drama that just feels so real. To prove that these aren't just the ramblings of a guy who watches too much TV, Breaking Bad's fifth and final season has scored an unheard of 99/100 on the review aggregate site, Metacritic.  

Back to the song though.  A lot lighter themed than the show for which it's named, this jam will flow nicely with your work week.  Have a listen below, and please, for your own sake, start watching Breaking Bad.

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