September 20, 2013

James Blake- Life Round Here Featuring Chance the Rapper

British singer/ song writer James Blake has decided to enlist the help of the always linguistically entertaining Chance the Rapper for his remix of “Life Round Here”. With the hyper active and somewhat incoherent flow of Chance, and James’ intoxicatingly intriguing voice, this self-made remix has been ingrained in my head. The mysterious and dark vibe that the song portrays creates an interesting aura for Chances’ unique flow which in my opinion, sounds like the most organized/ intelligent drunk rambling ever. It’s almost as if he effortlessly stumbles upon meticulously poetic and unorthodox rhymes that work perfectly alongside this ominous beat. There hasn’t been much done to the instrumentals other than the occasional drum but I do enjoy the addition of Chance’s odd ball singing voice which, adds a bit of rasp and ultimately something new to the always classic James Blake. When I first saw this song pop on the interwebs I didn’t think the combo would work and definitely thought it was a mash-up but it entranced me… and forced me to listen to it all day. 

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