September 28, 2013

RJD2- Temperamental Featuring Phonte Coleman ("More Is Than Isn't Preview)

RJD2 has been a staple in my Itunes for quite sometime now. As my love for hip-hop and its producers grew, I became fixated with artists like RJD2 and their consistency in beat making. I always get in this argument with music lovers that consistency/ similarity throughout different projects isn't good. "Kanye tries tries to inovate, J.Cole never does". I like J.Cole the way he is and and am confident Yeezus made my ears bleed. Some artists have a formula that people like and they stick by their guns, RJD2 has always been one of those producers for me. With classics like "Ghostwriter", "Beautiful Mine (Mad Men theme song)", "Smoke and Mirrors", and one of my all time favorite study songs "The Highest of Courts", RJD2 clearly has a formula that works. 

With his new project "More Is Than Isn't" coming out on October 8th, RJD2 has called upon rapper/singer Phonte Coleman (formerly of rap trio Little Brother) to add a heartfelt RnB feel to his smooth stylistic beat for "Temperamental". Phonte spent the greater part of his career rapping and singing over beats by 9th wonder so jumping on an RJD2 seems effortless for the classic hip-hop representative. I hope to find some new doing work jams on "More Is Than Isn't" and in case you have been unlucky enough to have never stumble upon RJD2 i've added some of the classics to this post. 


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