September 14, 2013

Road Ragin' - Your Ultimate Rush Hour Mix

For the past five years I've lived off student loans and low paying summer jobs. My bank account sucks, my Iphone sucks, my Macbook sucks and in turn my ability to upgrade my music library has been hindered dramatically. Good thing I still have an abundance of Straight Goods and overall life classics that help keep me entertained during the extensive time I spend in my car. These are some of the songs that help me get through the gridlock and prevent the all to familiar process of road rage. Whether it's a smooth melodic beat or a high tempo eccentric track, I would be lost in a haze of anger without these.

Regardless of whether you love or loathe your job, It's the unfortunate reality that this "real life" business adds a distinct element of stress. Therefore, I hope one or all of these tracks incite a positive vibe to your rush hour commute.

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