November 14, 2012

SGM Show Report: Blue Scholars

The Blue Scholars stopped by Toronto on their current tour and SGM was able to check out the show. To my shock, disgust, excitement and a couple other emotions there was nobody else there (okay, a bit of an exaggeration), but in all seriousness you guys need to get out to these shows. The Blue Scholars threw down a great set playing songs of both albums and Opening act, Bambu killed it. Grynch and Sol came along for the trip and got the crowd going with a couple bangers including all “All I Wanna Do”. I want to say I wish the crowd was bigger just because these guys are some of hip hop’s finest and deserve to sell out the ACC (and do play some massive shows out west), but jamming front row and getting to meet the artists makes me just fine with the way it is. If you aren’t familiar with; The Blue Scholars, Bambu, Grynch or Sol Check them out and the visuals below.

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