October 23, 2013

Banks- Change (The Chainsmokers Hot and Steamy Edit)

I feel as though I may get sent to blogger hell for doing this but I recently found this song on the Hypem popular page and may have pressed the replay button a couple of times. For one, it’s a remix of Banks who has slowly become one of my favorite female vocalists. Two, its remixed by The Chainsmokers who have also grabbed my attention as of late.

The majority of the time an EDM artist does a re-work of a song such as Banks’ “Change”, I obsess over the track for weeks and then never hear anything of the producer again. More recently, I’ve come to establish that the age of the popularized remix artist has begun. Many don’t consider these electronic manipulators musicians but as a hip-hop fan, samples and reworks are an integral aspect of my favorite genre. Just like becoming infatuated with a distinct producer, many EDM artists like The Chainsmokers maintain a consistent sound that attracts a unique but still very relevant fan base.  I personally think that producer’s, artists, DJ’s (or whatever you would like to call them) that put there distinct spin on a song defines the beautiful mess that is modern music. As someone who prides himself on being a music appreciator with zero musical abilities, I find I get to know these artists on a personal basis. Regardless of how you view artists like The Chainsmokers on a professional level, this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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