October 13, 2013

Mayer Hawthorne - Royals (Lorde Cover)

I preface this post by apologizing for my absence as of late. Turns out a Master's degree is a little more work than the kid anticipated but nevertheless, here's a quick jolt to your Lazy Sunday. Though I've never followed his work in-depth, some of Mayer Hawthorne's tracks catch my ears at random times and I just have to share.

It takes balls to cover the #1 song in America (2-weeks running by the way) and put your own take on it, especially when the original is still hitting its peak. On a side note: MysterC is really pulling for Katy Perry's, Roar to take this 16-year old Kiwi down next week. Now back to MH. His jazzy interpretation of the tune reeks of fresh air. From the live 'off the floor' feel to his strong, smooth vocals...this one's a winner.

To prove that the art of the Billboard Hot 100 cover is hard to master...I take it back to 2004 to one of my favorite covers. Who said it had to be Thursday for a fuckin' throwback?

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