October 1, 2013

Original Music from Grand Theft Auto 5

So it's official - GTA 5 is the highest selling piece of content ever created. It's no wonder, as the immersive open world environment is the most detail rich we have seen, with well over 100 hours of game play and cinematics to explore. With this new addition to the GTA series, Rockstar didn't just improve on their quality, but also introduced a number of new features (3 protaganists, online storylines, working in-game internet/stock markets, etc.), as well as a plethora of original music, created by real-life big name artists just for release in GTA 5 and it's associated soundtrack.

Below are my favorite 4 out of 18 original songs from the game, but feel free to check out the full list of music that's on GTA Radio here. Continuing with their innovative theme, Rockstar didn't just create new music for these radio stations, but took them a step further by featuring famous artists as the on-air personalities (including Soulwax, Flying Lotus and even Kenny Loggins). Because of all these improvements, I definitely find the in-game radio far more entertaining than real-life radio.

GTA Online launches for the first time in the next few days - we can only hope they continue to add quality radio content and music as they update it. This is the future for all content producers, and Rockstar has shown that they are not just a player in this space, but a champion.

Sleepwalking - Chain Gang of 1974

Smoke and Ride - BJ The Chicago Kid (feat. Freddie Gibbs & Problem)

A$AP Rocky - R.Cali

Twin Shadow - Old Love / New Love

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