October 3, 2013

The Melker Project Presents: The Skeetles

Also known as Johnny Cashin' Out, Skeetwood Mac, Booty Huxtable, Stevie Tricks, A$AP Scotty, Ballin' Oats, Trill Collins, Melkradamus, Melka Flocka Flame, Ricky Exit-Row-Zay, and Lil Yung Melks--The Melker Project is a remix artist based out of New York.  After the widespread success of Steetwood Mack (10,000 downloads in a week),  Skeetles is the second release in a series of EPs by The Melker Project, where a classic artist is brewed with some modern hip-hop flavour.   The Beatles are the choice feature in this edition.  The Don't Let Me Down mashup with Biggie is what sparked my attention, but the timeless sound of the Beatles provides a solid groundwork for some rap influence.   Features include Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Jay-Z, Three 6 Mafia, A$AP Rocky, Nas, and others. Toss the guy a like on his Facebook for the full download. 

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