October 18, 2013

The Sexiest Instrument IN THE WORLD

Can you hear it? The sound of air vibrating past the wood of the reed and through the brass body, it's bell shaped bottom projecting the message for all to hear: 'I'm back bitches!'

In my attempt at humor, I may have just written the cheesiest sentences ever transcribed on this site. Whatever though, the sax and I go way back... sort of. I played the tenor saxophone for a year in High School to get my compulsory arts credit. It was fun but that year was the extent of my John Coltrane dream. I've always loved the sax though, so it's unfortunate that for most of my life it has been largely absent from popular music. Much like the guitar solo, it got overdone and earned the label of being cheesy. Those days are done though, seriously. The sax is back.  I've compiled a small list of songs that are making great use of this legendary instrument and helping with the resurgence. The second track was on the Do Work vol 2 playlist, but I'm doubling it's air time by reposting because well... Sax.

Kowl - Sending You My Heart
Thomas Jack ft Adrian Symes - The Final Speech
Ellie Goulding - Tessellate (Alt-J Cover)
Stavroz - The Finishing

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