November 3, 2013

D-WHY - Young Madonna (Video)

It seems like D-WHY has found his musical counterpart in Dave Cappa, who has produced the Young, Loved, Hated & Broke rapper's last two singles. Originally shot in Paris two years ago, the visuals for this video were thought to be lost after a harddrive malfunction. Well good things come to those who wait as the footage has mysteriously reappeared in 2013.

The indie samples have become a staple of David Morris' latest work and I for one love the change in direction. This is how lovey-dovey music is supposed to sound. Some lines for the ladies and some beats for the bros. This is a hard skill to master as you can easily drift from cheesy to misogynist with one single bar: see Kendrick Lamar and Drake's, Poetic Justice to see it done right and 50 Cent's, Be My Bitch to see it done wrong (even though the latter is hella catchy).

Pour some Pinot Grigio and let a white boy take you to Paris...

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