November 21, 2013

The Range - Nonfiction

I am by no means a fan of the EDM scene. I actually find myself frustrated with the genre for its formulaic approach and tendency to absolutely butcher some of my favorite artists' work by sampling, speeding up and sandwiching pieces of the chorus within “Sweet drops”. This being said, every once in a while an EDM artists comes across my plate that seems to dissolve the formula and move beyond the “Just wait for the drop bro” approach - see Pretty Lights, Flume or Jai Paul.

Hailing from Providence RI, The Range has earned my illusive respect, as an electronic music producer, gaining integrity for the genre through honest and driven music. Hip-hop, R&B and Drum and Base influences ring through the album's core and its unobtrusive sound has an infectiously peaceful undertone. 

 For long work days, extended study sessions or a little extra entertainment while throwing dinner together or engaging in some mass multiplayer online warfare, this album has the perfect balance of melodic and engaging songs that will keep “The Range” planted in my iTunes search bar. Check out the highlights from James Hinton’s first full-length album, Nonfiction, below, or just skip that step and get the full album, because this one is a doozy.  

The Range - Sad Song

The Range - Loft Mane

The Range - The One

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