December 30, 2013

Happy DRAKE Years Eve

From the entire Straight Goods Media Team, we wanna wish you dat health and dat wealth in 2014. I could think of no better way to celebrate than to unleash these 3 songs on your NYE celebrations, courtesy of Drizzy. Party responsibly...and by that I mean don't let your girls/boys go home with any donkeys unless they really, really want to. Salut!

I would pinky swear, but my pinky rang to big, wassup...
Goddamn, I'm shittin' gold these days...
And they don't have no award for that...

December 27, 2013

Your Friday Banger Session: Jacuzzi - Mizu (EP)

No idea where this guy came from or how I came across him for that matter, but as Friday slowly grinds its way towards weekend glory, I think these tracks provide the necessary pick-me-up.  Hawaiian production artist Jacuzzi has hung around the scene for a while, but he just recently dropped his EP, Mizu.  I'd like to stress the "drop" in that previous sentence, as each one of these tracks is a wild journey of complex and symphonic-like bass builds.  Calling this Trap just doesn't do justice.  Pure instrumental majesty on this one, but don't be surprised if you start hear more from this up and coming beatmaker.

December 19, 2013

Rick Ross feat. Jay Z - The Devil Is A Lie

Let's switch it up this go 'round. Simply put, Hov and Rozay are flawless. Let me remind you: Free Mason, 3 Kings, Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit, Maybach Music...when these Rap Titans collab, they don't miss. I don't feel I need to do any of the talkin' here. Ladies and gents, William Leonard Roberts II and Shawn Corey Carter:

Bow your head cause it's time to pay tithes, opposition want me dead or alive...

Is Hov a atheist? I never fuck with True Religion...

All these niggas claiming King, but I'm still that...

See what I did to the 'Stop and Frisk,' Brooklyn in the Barney's like we own the bitch...

White Jesus in my crock pot, I mix the shit with some soda, now Black Jesus turn water to wine, and all I had to do was turn the stove up...

December 18, 2013


Hailing from Bergen Norway, house music producer KYGO has been slowly making a name for himself throughout the blogosphere. Explaining KYGO is simply a reiteration of how I discussed producer duo The Chainsmokers a while back. These so called remix artists are beginning to be recognized as musicians instead of being viewed by music snobs as music thieves. Artists like KYGO put their own unique musical touch on each project and allow fans to fall in love with their distinct production. This isn't the first time music has started an evolution that certain segments of people have a problem with and it sure as hell isn't going to be the last. I personally enjoy the fact that these artists have started to become individual entities within the music industry. I'm not going to bore you with an extensive explanation of these tracks so I'll make it quick.

The re-work of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" combines slow melodic production with some unique oriental sounds. Ed's voice compliments the production elements of KYGO perfectly for a great mix. My next favorite is actually a re-work of a cover which, so basically remix inception. Henry Green takes on the song made it all real for MGMT so many years ago "Electric Feel". KYGO adds some production elements and really makes the track pop. And lastly, the track that has made my early mornings slightly more bearable as of late, Dolly Parton's "Jolene". He pulls some influence from what it seems to be old Westerns and or Quinton Tarantino films. Regardless, the song features some great production and unbelievable manipulation of the sample.

December 17, 2013

Future feat. Drake and Juicy J - SH!T (Remix)

The moment has arrived...and it's a little lackluster to be honest. But that's a good thing. Let me explain. So this all dates back to the Control verse and Kendrick calling out Drake among a myriad of the game's top young rappers in what I thought was a very harmless line about competition. The game disagrees...and ever since, there have been responses, beefs, and minced words about how people felt about it. Drake has highlighted in interviews that he thought calling people out by name was a cheap ploy that anyone could have done, that the verse was forgettable (honestly do you know how that verse begins?), and that if there's beef let there be beef ("when I saw him it was all love though so it was confusing"). Kendrick responded by saying that Drake and him are peers, and that despite getting his start on Drizzy's, Club Paradise Tour, he's okay if they're no longer cool. This was only exacerbated when K. Dot performed at the BET Cypher and dropped, "and Nothing's Been The Same since they dropped Control, and tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes."

So then we waited...and waited...and then we waited some goddamn more. Talks about how Drake has to respond, that Kendrick isn't on Drake's level in terms of their respective resum├ęs, and who really is the #1 MC in the game have persisted. Today, Drake released his response on Future's, SH!T, which features lines like, "I hear ya talk about your city like ya run there, then I brought my tour to ya city, you my son there" (Drake just came off a sold-out show at Staples Center in Kendrick's city of L.A.), "and if a nigga say my name, he the hot shit, and if I say that nigga name he still the hot shit, fucked up" (Drake likes Kendrick and his music...what is he supposed to say he's whack?).

I know people will disagree...but I think this was the smartest move the kid from Degrassi could have ever made. I mean, this is Drake's first official "diss" record and this is the most polite shit I've ever heard. I know that hip-hop is a bloodsport and there are definitely winners and losers (see 50 Cent vs. Fat Joe or Rick Ross vs. 50 Cent to see how fickle the game can be). However, this situation does not need a victor.

Drizzy and Kendrick are the top MC's in the game and it would be stupid for Drake to go after him. Kendrick has no shot at touching Drake's touring, sale records, or female-fan base, so a battle back and forth could only hurt Drake's credibility. Of course there are still some Old Heads who think that by not responding aggressively or not saying Kendrick's name in the verse, that Drake has lost...but the game has changed. You need to be smart now, not impulsive. Kendrick had nothing to lose when he spit at that cypher, after all...half of the hip-hop community makes fun of Drake. But you know what...100% of them respect him.

This was a smart, safe, and Jay Z like move from the OVO Camp. Sure Jay went at Nas back in the day (where baby mommas and physical appearances were all touched upon) and shit got ugly...but Jay didn't have Roc Nation Sports, Rocawear, the Brooklyn Nets and D'Usse Cognac to lose at the time. The kid from T.O. doesn't need this petty shit. Spit your game, drop them hit records, and show the world how a 27-year old from Canada rolls with his own record label (OVO Records), clothing line (OVO), sports affiliation (Toronto Raptors), shoe partnership (Air Jordan), soft drink deal (Sprite) AND wears the crown at the same time.

I just think it's funny how they danglin' the bait, but I'm the one that's killing niggas on the hooks though...

December 13, 2013

Beats By Dre Ad - Featuring New Kendrick Song "It's Alive"

This Beats by Dre ad teases us with a sneak peak at the new Dr. Dre produced Kendrick song, and holy shit does it sound good.  Kendrick has been coming real aggressive with his songs and features lately, and with a beat so nuts it sounds like it dropped from outer space, I think we've got something to be excited about in this one.  Speaking of outer space, Dre's studio looks like some sort of science fiction cathedral.  But seriously Doc, how long have you been producing tracks and you still forget about the drums?

Sit tight and pray for the full version release.

Shad K- "Remember to Remember" OFFICIAL VIDEO

I still remember seeing Shad perform at my high school and in small bars for crowds of 20-30 people. Being able to watch visuals like this from him makes me feel a little warm and bubbly. With a positive aura that has never left, Shad continues to amaze fans with unmatched lyricism and quality realness that has kept me coming back for almost 10 years. The video features Canadian Electropop star Lights aka the future mother of my children and also some amazing and unforeseen high budget visuals. I'm still not ready to give the album a review because I don't believe in doing so. I need some time with an album to truly let the artistry sink in. "Remember to Remember" has been one of the stand out songs for me so far and I'm proud that this generation of much music rap listeners are getting quality messages through Shad's music. I still remember being the ripe age of 12, living in the suburbs and seeing K-os' video for " Superstar" and being absolutely entranced on the television. 3 years later I saw this Shad character open up for Common in Toronto. I bought a "I want a Claire Huxtable" shirt that I wore religiously for years.Unfortunately I've grown old and fat so my classic Shad shirt no longer fits but the emotional value associated with Shad will never leave. I hope there is a young hip-hop fan who stumbles upon this post and ultimately Shad's music, whose life involvement with hip-hop will be changed forever.

and just because its awesome:

December 8, 2013

Noname Gypsy- "Samaritan" Featuring Mick Jenkins

I've never really done this, but sometimes I come across a blog post that elegantly phrases everything I wanted to say about an artist or song way better than my grammatically incorrect, geography major self could ever imagine doing. Don't get me wrong I love writing and I'm sure if I had extensive amounts of time to spend writing blogs I could conjure up some philosophical greatness. It is the unfortunately reality that I often let songs like Noname Gypsy's "Samaritan" featuring Mick Jenkins get lost within my music library. So instead of listening to me ramble, please go and appreciate author James Elliott from Earmilk thought's on this track. I don't know James whatsoever but in relation to his thought's on "Samaritan" I can however say I like the cut of his jib.

Sol- "Turn Me Loud" VIDEO + Nelson Mandela Salute

This past year or so has been an absolute whirl wind for fans of Macklemore and Seattle hip-hop in general. As Macklemore has been nominated for best song, best album and best new artist of the year it's clear that Seattle has solidified itself within rap legitimacy. The general aura around this new found music scene is that the artists who comprise it seem to be a very tight knit group of individuals. A passionate love for life and the experiences whether good or bad that it entails, seems to be the relevant connection between them. 

Sol is no different in the fact that he lets his emotions drive his music. He spent a year traveling the world and came back as his album title alludes to with his "Eye's Open" to the injustices of the world. With the stellar visuals for "Turn Me Loud" Sol expresses the power of his voice and the joy he gets from experiencing crowds of fans who share in his passions. As the death of Nelson Mandela helps us understand that our voice and beliefs should never stifled, It is up to gentlemen like Sol and Macklemore to express these thoughts to our often misguided youth. Like every other musical medium, there is change. It was once the b-boy then the thug that dominated rap and now we've woven a mosaic of difference for hip-hop for fans to enjoy.  

Sol saluted Mandela in a recent Facebook post and dedicated one of his most recently released songs to the man who has helped changed political thinking forever: 

Today we say goodbye to one of the most inspiring human beings in all of history. The embodiment of hope and forgiveness, Nelson Mandela taught us how to love our enemies and grow together. In the five weeks I spent in South Africa, despite their many current problems it was all of the forward thinking young South Africans influenced and raised by Mandela that I met that gave me such excitement about S.A.'s future. Thank you for your contribution to humanity and Rest In Power. #NelsonMandela

December 5, 2013

Lebron James Pick of the Week: Que - OG Bobby Johnson

"My new theme song on gameday! #OGBobbyJohnson"

Not my usual source for musical finds, but after that wild cackle LBJ let out (gets me every time), I knew he must have been onto a hot one.  OG Bobby Johnson is the grimy and raspy work of Que, with a beat so hard it will make you question the quality of your speakers.

There will always be a place in my heart for Hotlanta trap sounds.... and hey, if it gets the King fired up before putting in work, who says it can't do the same for us?

Dirty AK with the beam on it, Clip so long I could lean on it