December 18, 2013


Hailing from Bergen Norway, house music producer KYGO has been slowly making a name for himself throughout the blogosphere. Explaining KYGO is simply a reiteration of how I discussed producer duo The Chainsmokers a while back. These so called remix artists are beginning to be recognized as musicians instead of being viewed by music snobs as music thieves. Artists like KYGO put their own unique musical touch on each project and allow fans to fall in love with their distinct production. This isn't the first time music has started an evolution that certain segments of people have a problem with and it sure as hell isn't going to be the last. I personally enjoy the fact that these artists have started to become individual entities within the music industry. I'm not going to bore you with an extensive explanation of these tracks so I'll make it quick.

The re-work of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" combines slow melodic production with some unique oriental sounds. Ed's voice compliments the production elements of KYGO perfectly for a great mix. My next favorite is actually a re-work of a cover which, so basically remix inception. Henry Green takes on the song made it all real for MGMT so many years ago "Electric Feel". KYGO adds some production elements and really makes the track pop. And lastly, the track that has made my early mornings slightly more bearable as of late, Dolly Parton's "Jolene". He pulls some influence from what it seems to be old Westerns and or Quinton Tarantino films. Regardless, the song features some great production and unbelievable manipulation of the sample.

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