December 13, 2013

Shad K- "Remember to Remember" OFFICIAL VIDEO

I still remember seeing Shad perform at my high school and in small bars for crowds of 20-30 people. Being able to watch visuals like this from him makes me feel a little warm and bubbly. With a positive aura that has never left, Shad continues to amaze fans with unmatched lyricism and quality realness that has kept me coming back for almost 10 years. The video features Canadian Electropop star Lights aka the future mother of my children and also some amazing and unforeseen high budget visuals. I'm still not ready to give the album a review because I don't believe in doing so. I need some time with an album to truly let the artistry sink in. "Remember to Remember" has been one of the stand out songs for me so far and I'm proud that this generation of much music rap listeners are getting quality messages through Shad's music. I still remember being the ripe age of 12, living in the suburbs and seeing K-os' video for " Superstar" and being absolutely entranced on the television. 3 years later I saw this Shad character open up for Common in Toronto. I bought a "I want a Claire Huxtable" shirt that I wore religiously for years.Unfortunately I've grown old and fat so my classic Shad shirt no longer fits but the emotional value associated with Shad will never leave. I hope there is a young hip-hop fan who stumbles upon this post and ultimately Shad's music, whose life involvement with hip-hop will be changed forever.

and just because its awesome:

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