March 12, 2014

Skrillex x The Rap Community


It's been a while since I've had a chance to get back on here, it's been a crazy few months and I've been a little sidetracked... but we'll get to that later. For now the news today is that Skrillex has released his latest album Recess which is bound to get more than enough enjoyment from his glow-stick wielding fans. While Skrillex doesn't have Ellie Goulding to back him up, he comes with quite the entourage. The most notable addition this time around is Chance The Rapper, who steps into a unique song called Coast is Clear. Chance the Rapper provides his unique tonality over one of Skrillex's hypnotizing beats, but the result is quite interesting. The album leaked recently during a Reddit Ask Me Anything, but can now be purchased through iTunes like everything else.

Skrillex feat. Chance The Rapper - Coast is Clear

Now although pairing rappers with edm artists is still uncommon, this wasn't the first time that Skrillex has made that venture. A few years ago he managed to link up with one of the most up and coming artists at the time in A$AP Rocky to release Wild For The Night (remember A$AP was essentially just picked and given $3m to make 2 albums). This came best visually in my opinion.  


And while I'm on A$AP's tip, I might as well just end with one of his tracks that has been on repeat for me for a while now. Oh and it features a video with Rhianna aka Badgalriri. Worth mentioning.

A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa