July 26, 2014

Freebase - 2 Chainz

A couple of days ago, 2 Chainz aka. Deuces, did what many artists had been afraid of doing for a long time - he remade one of the most iconic music videos of all time in Michael Jackson's Thriller. Doing this, he is obviously going to cause a stir with some loyalists, but I think that's a part of the strategy. The track he puts it through is called Freebase, so it's not like 2 Chainz is shy from controversy. In the song he raps about how he "came from nothing" with the first place he saw a crack pipe being his parents kitchen. It's stuff like this that continues to put Drake's Started From The Bottom to shame, as he bubbled up from the upper middle class working at a pharmacy. No denying that Drake's done more for his city though, Toronto aka. the 6

Someone was going to do it eventually, and I'm pretty sure Deuces is one of the only people who can pull off that classic MJ blazer, with the zombie lean and all.

So why not.