Based out of Toronto, Canada, Straight Goods Media has delivered over 500 articles of featured content, curated by a group of millennials since 2009. With unique tastes in Hip Hop, Indie, Electro and Alternative music, SG Media is now going into it's 5th year of promoting musical discovery.

Originally focused in North America, after 4 years our reach has expanded internationally. We have grown from curating what was once just music, to include additional content (such as album reviews, monthly recaps, videos & playlists), in a wider range of genres. We will always have a soft spot for our hometown, Toronto, and the local metropolis that is New York City. Concerts and events are also covered, as attended by staff. We always welcome media opportunities that fit.

If you are interested in advertising to our audience, contact our management group, Straight Goods Entertainment. Straight Goods Media has had over 150,000 page views, at a pace of over 5,000/month. The site has the #1 search rank on Google, with 800+ incoming links. Our writers attend 50+ local concerts and distribute reviews, to both the website and over 100 email subscribers. In the last year 6 of our writer's playlists have gone gold, amassing over 1500 likes.

The goal is still the same - inspire discovery of the highest quality content, through great writing.


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